PARENTS & TOTS SWIMMING PROGRAMS (3 months-3 years, 3:1 Ratio) 


Our Parents & Tots swimming lessons are a fun introduction to swimming for babies as young as 3 months to as old as 36 months. The goal of these lessons is to provide a fun introduction to swimming while learning basic swimming skills. In these group lessons, parents participate with their children, learning how you use their hands and body to lead and connect infants and helping promote water safety, independence around the pool, and basic swimming skills. Choosing Toronto Swim School in your pool or our pools and make learning to swim fun, fast, and easy for your baby.

children are still learning a lot about their environment and All babies learn through repetitive teaching, play, word association, and consistent lessons. With careful experienced supervision, our little fish learn to use their bodies to naturally swim short distances underwater. Our methods are gentle, controlled, and guided throughout the entire lesson. We provide Lifesaving Society Water Smart tips on keeping your child safe in any aquatic setting.

Beginner: Designed for 3-12 months old as an introduction to basic water skills and play in the water with the parent. The goal of Splashers is to make children and parents comfortable in the water together, and (of course) to learn to splash with arms and legs! Splashers are led by a certified Swim Instructor who knows how to create a fun, stimulating environment for babies to get their splash on

Intermediate:  Designed for 12-24 months old, We work with you to introduce your child to new movements in the water, including holding the wall, kicking feet, and blowing bubbles. Parents get in on the fun by participating with their children.

Advance: Designed for 18 months to 3 years old to learn to enjoy the water with their parent. In this level we will focus on holding the child’s breath and submerging their face, along with their starfish floats, kicking on the front, and back as well as jumping also Children are encouraged to attend independently of their parents. Floaters are taught in small groups by a certified Swim Instructor who will continue to encourage your child to build their confidence in the water.



Cost: $ 700 (ratio 1:1) 10 x 45 mins Lessons

Cost: $ 500 (ratio 1:1) 10 x 30 mins Lessons

Cost: $ 500 (ratio 2:1) 10 x 45 mins Lessons