Children’s Swimming

toronto swim school’s Learn to Swim programs provide a full range of classes for swimmers of every skill level. Each program gives the participant the opportunity to increase knowledge of water safety and improve swimming skills in a safe and enjoyable environment. Whether you have a child who needs to improve their skills, a teenager who wants to be a lifeguard, or you simply want to get back into the swim of things, give our instructional programs a try.

Swimmers evaluate based on age, experience, body shape, abilities and our head instructor’s opinion to 5 different group that divided by cap’s colors,

This 5 Level program includes learn to swim progressions including front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly, intermediate, medium and competitive swimmers, diving, start and turn, fitness, water safety, first aid as well as the first two levels of the Canadian Swim Patrol Program (Rookie Patrol and Ranger Patrol). We know this program will set the stage for your swimmer to learn about and enjoy swimming for life and also ability to save their or other’s life.

We have spends 15 minutes extra every days before start swimming to general warm up and specific stretches dryland out of the pool, also engorge swimmers to use learning assist tools and accessories to divide their actions to easier and suitable movement and focuse to specific motions and mussels, also we let swimmers know about their plan and what they should do during this session and upcoming sessions by details and exception after this season.

Our nutritionist will have meeting every month with parents to learning about essential vitamins and what kind of foods they need before-during-after each session to improve circle of growing.

 Swimmers by learning essential skills like basic lifesaving, diving, and underwater skills will able to safe themselves, friends and family in dangerous situations or houses pool.

90-Minutes or 45-Minutes swimming lessons focus on establishing a strong foundation for pool safety and future swimming. Your child will at least 2 kind of swim, interval training, eggbeater, shallow and vertical dive into deep water, swim underwater 10 m to recover object, and endurance challenge, learn lifesaving skills like drowning recognition, throwing buoyant, self rescue and carry mannequin. These skills will play a critical role as your child learns to swim on their own at the youngest possible age, while learning to develop a love for swimming and will able to help siblings at home.

In our swimming programs for children, Toronto Swim school specialized in professional swim instruction of all following red cross and lifesaving society teaching methods and curriculum



Cost: $300 - Group lessons  – 45 Minute class (10 sessions )
Cost: $400 - Group lessons  – 90 Minute class or 2 days in a week (10 sessions )

Cost: $700 Private – 45-minute class (10-Sessions)

Cost: $70 Private – 45-minute class (1-Session)

Cost: $80 Semi Private – 60 minute class ( ration 1-2 ) ($40/child)
Cost: $75 Semi Private – 60 minute class ( ration 1-3 ) ($25/child)