If you don’t have extra time to spend in traffic or looking for parking for your swimming lessons attendance or Looking to help gain the confidence to step in the water, or seeking to build on your existing swimming skills? Didn’t get results from previous swim classes? Feeling wasted time? Toronto swim school offers private swimming lessons in Toronto, Markham, Richmond hill, Aurora, Vaughan, and Newmarket in your own home pool backyard, Condo, or our pools.

With our qualified experienced instructors with flexible and instant scheduling, you can plan your swim lessons at times and days that are convenient for you – whether weekdays, evenings or weekends! Also, you can freeze your class after registration, if feeling not well, traveling, or for any reason that you have!

We offer a full range of swim programs in Toronto, Markham, Richmond hill, Aurora, Vaughan, and Newmarket including learn to swim, training for triathletes and competitive swimmers, pool safety courses, and lifeguards services for your next pool party with certified lifeguard and full Insurance coverage. Each student participating in lifesaving society programs will receive report cards and awards and medals to encourage progress and learning!

Our private one-on-one classes allow our teachers to customize each class to work with all types of swimmers. Our personalized approach allows us to teach even the most fearful or resistant swimmers to love to swim, also we guaranteed to teach 2 different kinds of swimming for over 6 years old kids in 12 sessions, In our view learning to swim(Stroke) is totally different to floating on the water, basically, we increase your expectation about swimming schools and this is the first step for your kids to become a competitive swimmer in the future,

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced swimmer looking to improve your stroke or fitness Our lifeguards and Swim Instructors in TSS are available to teach, all levels of swimming from Parent & Tot classes, to Ultra 10, Rookie, Ranger, Star Patrol to Bronze Cross and national lifeguard. A Lifesaving Society Report card is issued to the client after the 10th class. We also inform the client or the client parent's/Guardian of the status of the progress that the client is making in every class and what the client needs to prepare or work on for the next class. also offer a preparation / extensive class for clients who want to take the NLS-Pool, swim instructor courses, or those who need help before completing the NLS-Pool exam.

Class is offered in private (Ratio 1:1) or semi-private (Ratio 1:2) settings. For semi-private lessons in your Home, you are responsible for arranging the second swimmer at the same level as the first one. Both private and semi-private lessons are 45 minutes long. Both types of private lessons are tailored to the strengths and areas of improvement identified for each individual.

For more information or to book lessons or if you need a SWIMMING INSTRUCTOR call us at 4168308285 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Cost: $ 700 (ratio 1:1) 10 x 45 mins Lessons

Cost: $ 500 (ratio 2:1) 10 x 45 mins Lessons